Fempowerment is a non-profit organization that supports and helps women, girls and non-binaries of non-Nordic origin, whom been subjected to domestic violence. We offer help, support and free legal advice in various languages. We provide help and support via our nationwide support helpline, chat and email. Fempowerment is a feminist and anti-racist organization that is religiously and politically independent.

Our main task is to support survivors of domestic violence, which we have a long experience of. Anyone with a non-Nordic background who identifies as a woman, girl or non-binary is welcome to contact us. We provide help in many different languages, so most people can get support in their own language. When it comes to supportive conversations, it means everything from phone calls and chats conversations, and a meeting at our office. We also provide support in contact with authorities such as the social services, the Swedish Migration Agency, the Enforcement Authority, the police and the court among other.

In our quest for an equal society free from men’s violence, we engage in advocacy work, and developing and conducting preventive work with women, men, non-binary and young people. A large part of this is that we raise awareness through educating about domestic violence and how the violence affects women and non-binaries of non-Nordic descent. Over the years, we have lectured for different authorities, high schools and SFI schools and other workplaces.

Please email your request about lectures and/or collaboration to info@fempowerment.se.

In Fempowerments Integritetspolicy 2018-05-1 you will find information on how we handle sensitive personal data.

Fempowerments board 2020/2021

Hermela Embaye

Vice Chairperson
Pramita Mahaboob

Birna Forsström

Contact the board: styrelsen@fempowerment.se

Board members

Sogend Barzani, Yasmine Amahzoune,

Priscilla Paulin, Alexandra Lee,

Rojin Tutak och Louvisa Grotte


Support Helpline: 020-33 99 00
Telephone office: 08-21 39 00
Address: Norr mälarstrand 24