Violence in LGBTQ+ relationships

Violence in LGBTQ+ relationships

LGBTQ+ is a broad term including homo- and bisexuality, trans, queer and intersex people. Intimate partner violence is not unique to heterosexual cis-relationships but occurs in LGBTQ+ relationships as well.

The research field is still scarce when it comes to its prevalence, however more and more research suggests that violence in LGBTQ+ relationships are just as common but more likely to go unnoticed or taken less seriously.

All different types of violence can be present in LGBTQ+ relationships and it manifests in the same way with elements of power and control abuse. It is not uncommon that the perpetrator abuses the person’s minority status to exert this abuse, for example by threatening to “out” their partner and that way isolating them further. Another example of violence that can be exerted towards one’s LGBTQ+ identity is when the perpetrator interfers with one’s hormonal treatment or controls how the person dresses/expresses themselves. Comments such as “you are not a real woman/man/non-binary person” can occur as well.

There are many stereotypes of homosexual relationships and one of them is that it is an equal utopian romance without violence – and if there is violence both persons can easily defend themselves. A possible consequence of this is that the affected person might find it even more difficult to identify and talk about the violence, which can hinder them from reaching out for help. LGBTQ+ people subjected to violence are often met with ignorance and prejudice set by heterosexual norms. In many cases the person can be forced to “come out” repeatedly in contact with authorities.

Therefore an open and norm-critical reception is incredibly crucial in meeting all people who reach out for help due to violence. Fempowerment offers help and support in different languages both individually and in groups depending on what kind of help you need.

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